Attendee Benefits & Registration Info

Attend the New York State Monument convention in 2020!

See the latest and greatest technology for our industry

Do you remember when we stopped using horses and donkeys to install cemetery monuments? Well the industry is not using paper, pencils, punch presses anymore.

 Come see, demo just how easy using technology really is!

Meet the manufacturers and exhibitors

Come on down shake some hands, see what type of deal they can offer you in person! Meet new people and see what others are selling!

Get involved

Learn from the manufacturers and exhibitors after all an informed customer is your best customer.  

man holding register sign


Should I pre-register?
Yes.  We strongly encourage it. This event will be held at a casino and rooms get sold out every night.  Pre-registering also helps the committee to have your packets ready when you check in at the registration desk. Registration rates will be higher for those who register at the door.

What about registration for children and teenagers?
Children under the age of 4 years are free. Children age 4 – 11 years will be charged for kid’s meal. Children ages 12 – 17 will be charged for meals only. Email for prices.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Its 2020 of course the answer is Yes. Accepted cards are MasterCard, Visa, American Express.  

You can pay directly from the registration area of the site. Please do not email us your credit card information.

Where is the convention held?
The location is Turning Stone Casino & Resort, located conveniently in Verona NY.

How do I reserve a room?
Please visit the Our Booking Link to book your room directly through Turning Stone.

Does everyone who attends the show have to register and pay the fees?
Yes. No one is allowed into the display or the program until they have registered.

Name badges are required for all events.

Where do I send my registration information?

You can register online through our registration form. (now live)