Exhibitor & Sponsor Information

The NYSMBA has listened to the feedback we received and most meals and cocktail hours will be held on the event floor! Take advantage of this great opportunity.

Meet and Greet

Shake some hands, put a face with a name, meet the next generation! Take advantage of a great opportunity to meet and greet your existing customers and potentially gain new ones.

Showcase Your Product

You will be able to showcase your products to your existing customers as well as any potentially new customers.

Easy Set Up

Turning Stone is set up to conveniently get large or heavy objects in and out of their facility. No need to take elevator trips or go up stairs. And it is very accessible for tractor trailers.

It’s Not On a Boat It’s at a casino!
You could be a part of a huge event! We are having it at a casino that has many opportunities to entertain your clients and future clients. Did you know Turning Stone has a large Spa? Did you know they have 8 bars and lounges? Did you know they have an indoor golf range and golf simulator?


Our online registration form is where you can sign up as an exhibitor or sponsor. Although we are limiting the amount of space we expect the show to sell out. Booths are available on a first-come, first served basis, adequate preparation has been made to ensure no one, including you, is left out of this amazing chance to take your business to the next level.

You Are in Control
As an exhibitor, you and your team get to decide where exactly you want to set up your equipment. Next to the bar, food station or a location where attendees can’t bypass.

Wherever you want to set up, we will get you there. Get space for your business today!

Booth Space
Booths are $495 a piece, exhibitors can have up to 6 booths.

Journal Advertising
All exhibitors must take a minimum of a ½ page ad
½ page ad – $375.00
Full page ad – $500.00

Information we need from you
Exact list of all items being brought to the show
Detailed drawing of your display, to scale, showing location of each unit in your display
Number and size of tables and number of chairs required

Size and description of equipment that is free-standing or too large to fit on a table
Size of backdrop
Request for electricity or internet access. *Please note* These are additional charges for which you will be billed separately by the hotel. A request for either will result in a charge whether you actually use them or not, so please consider carefully before making your request.
No early teardown allowed. Teardown is Sunday morning at 8:00am
Information & Instructions for ad submission

General Information
Solicitation on the floor by manufacturers or suppliers who do not have booth space is strictly prohibited. You will be escorted out of the display. No passes will be sold to manufacturers unless they purchased a booth.
Photography of displays or booths is not permitted.
Tables will be provided free of charge, if requested.
We do not give our mailing list out to anyone, so please do not ask.
No early teardown is allowed. Teardown begins on Sunday morning.